Job lot of Zucchini Tap Off Unit 295cm Cable - 71505030 - From £17.80/unit

  • £159.99
  • Save £529.91

Phase selectable
capacity 16A
with FROR cable 2.95 Metres long approx.
grey colour

Used for connecting and energizing light fixtures
• can be inserted and removed when the busbar is energized and when the fixture is under load;
• the PE contact (Protective Earth) is the first to make an electrical connection when inserting the plug into the outlet and it is the last to disconnect when pulling it out;
• compliance with all insulating plastic components according to the glow-wire test (IEC 60695-2-10) with V1 self-extinguishing degree (UL94);
• standard IP 55 degree of protection without using additional accessories according to Standard IEC 60529.

 Available to purchase in multiples of 10 or 20. 


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